What service does Italian Forwarding provide?

Italian Forwarding provides a service for people living outside Italy looking to purchase from online Italian shops. We give you a real Italian address so you will be able to buy from italy.
Once we receive your packages, we will forward them to your country.

What’s the cost for this service ?

Italian Forwarding service fee is 4,90€ for packages up to 10 kg, and 8,90€ for packages up to 20 kg.

What’s my total cost?

Your total cost will be given  by “SERVICE FEE” +  “SHIPPING COST”.

How do I get the Italian address ?

Just register on our site, and you will receive your real italian address by email, for FREE!

How do I confirm the order and choose a carrier?

Once we receive your package, you will be contacted by email.
You will receive several options of forwarding carrier ( from Packlink.it ), and you could confirm your final choice by email.
Your order will be charged in “your personal account” on www.italianforwarding.com, so you could login, see it, and proceed to payment.
Shipment will be after this step in the section „Ready to send“. We will send you the tracking number via e-mail after the shipment was sent.

How can I consolidate all shipments?

Shipment consolidation is a paid service and it has a one-time cost of 4 Euros (up 4 packages).
Just warn us by email and we will wait all your package before to proceed to consolidation.

Where can I find prohibited goods for transport?

You can find everything which we aren´t able to transport in the list of prohibited goods and shipments which we aren´t able to transport. The most important ones are marked and the most problematic or shipments which are liable to damages are posted below:
v) Shipment from countries out of the EU.
x) Oversized shipments.
z) Shipment which was not paid for properly.
ap) TVs over 21 inch, LCDs over 21 inch, packaged furniture above 15 kg, subwoofers and speakers over 5 kg, toilet bowls, sinks, mirrors, white goods over 5 kg (especially kitchen appliances, washing machine, refrigerator, hood, hobs, ovens etc.), bumpers, spoilers, car fenders, car exhausts, large parts of the car body, bicycles (except children\\’s bikes).
Please, read through the list before the first order or contact us before the order if you are not sure.

How do I pay for this service ?

We accepts payments via PayPal, Skrill, Transferwise, Bank Transfer.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to make the payment ?

No, a PayPal account is not required to pay just a credit/debit card.

Can I track my parcel ?

Yes you can track your parcel if you request and choose a postal service that includes tracking.

Can I use Italian Forwarding to forward letters ?

No, Only parcels.

Is it possible to buy items with “cash on delivery” option?

No, it’s not possible.

Is it possible to send items to the italian address from not-EU countries?

No, it’s not possible.