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Parcel Forwarding is a service we provide for people living outside ITALY who are unable to buy from IT online stores because they do not offer shipping to their country.
Package forwarding is a great solution to purchase products from Italy and to take advantage of special italian offers which are limited for Italians.

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Diffusione Tessile is part of a leading global group in the high-end women's fashion sector.

It's The Online Outlet of a Great Signature of Italian Fashion. It sells luxury Women's Dresses with big discounts.

Today, Diffusione Tessile represents one of the most influential factory outlets in the women's clothing market, capable of combining the wide range of products typical of an Outlet, with the quality of the services of the most prestigious prêt-à-porter boutiques.

Italian Forwarding has sent several yellow packages from Italy to Us, Germany , Greece and even Kazakistan, allowing to women from these countries to dress italian fashion outfit.

You can do the same, and use your italian address to purchase from Italy and then forward it to your home.
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